Find out our latest sophisticated innovation, method and procedures

As one of the biggest companies in fast moving consumer goods, Frisian Flag Indonesia always put importance on the latest innovation and method to create the best dairy products.

Frisian Flag Indonesia has two factories, both in Jakarta. One factory is located in Pasar Rebo and the other one is in Ciracas. Both factories are equipped with the latest and sophisticated technology for dairy industry. Each factory has successfully achieved international certificates on factory management, health and safety.

Our waste management unit in Pasar Rebo factory is using the latest innovation so that it produces drinkable water out of our milk waste. Our waste is not only safe fro the environment but also beneficial for many.

Other than the factories, Frisian Flag Indonesia also has international standard laboratory and center of research and development. With these facilities, we are able to create innovative yet tasty products to meet people’s need.

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