Learn why we choose to stay at Frisian Flag. 

We work based on our love to what we do. First, we understand that what we do in Frisian Flag is to produce high quality nutritious products for Indonesia. We develop and grow with Frisian Flag, not only as professionals who works for it but also as consumers who enjoy the tasty healthy product we make. It is the reason why we have a deep understanding on what we do and what we make.

In Frisian Flag Indonesia, family is pivotal. The products we make keep families healthy and also we work with ‘family’ value. Frisian Flag team is one family. Each and every one of us is interconnected to others. If one is taking a step then the whole team is moving. Appreciation and respect are words that bind us together. Each and every one of us has a role in Frisian Flag’s growth.


We work professionally and fully aware of our role and responsibility. But firstly, this dedication of ours is rooted in love for the jobs and for humanity.

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